Company Law

Course Name Course No. Instructor Academic Year Semester Author Download File
Company Law LC2008 Hans Tjio AY15/16 1 Leon Vincent Chan
Company Law C LC2008C Tan Cheng Han AY15/16 1 Allen Sng
Corporate Insolvency Law LL4402 / LL5402 / LL6402 A/P Wee Meng Seng AY13/14 2 Han Junwei
Company Law LC2008B Daniel William Puchniak 2014/2015 1 Lee Zhe Xu
Company Law (C) LC2008C TAN Cheng Han AY13/14 1 Samuel Koh
Company Law F LC2008F Walter WOON AY13/14 1 Wang Ye
Company Law LC2008D Yeo Hwee Ying AY 13/14 1 Victor Choy
Company Law Exam Summary LC2008E VAROTTIL Umakanth AY12/13 1 Ian Matthew Shan
Company Law B LC2008B PUCHNIAK Daniel W. AY1213 1 Wong Chun Han
Company Law C LC2008C TJIO Hans AY11/12 1 Martin See
Company Law A LC2008A WEE Meng Seng AY12/13 1 Leon Lee
Company Law F LC2008F WOON Walter AY12/13 1 Nicholas Ngo
Company Law D LC2008D YEO Hwee Ying AY11/12 1 Jolyn Ang
Company Law E LC2008E VAROTTIL Umakanth AY11/12 1 Chok Zheng Kai

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